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Abu Dhabi Sports Club for Special Needs

Abu Dhabi sports club is located in Al- Mafraq city. It was established in 2006. The club is the second most important sports club in Abu Dhabi after Al Ain sport club. Abu Dhabi Sports club offers services for 130 students with special needs. The students are classified into: -

  • Students with hearing impairment.
  • Students with visual impairment.
  • Students with Cognitive intellectual.

Students with special needs join the club to improve their sport, physical, cultural and social skills and to develop their talents and abilities through participating in various internal and external activities and championships.

Contact Details

Location:  Al Mafraq city - Abu Dhabi
Tel:          (02)582 7665
Fax:         (02)582 7664 
P.O.Box:  571(02)582 766450


  1. Issue the players a membership card
  2. Adapt the medical assessment program
  3. Arrange training and yearly sports championships
  4. Organize and then implement internal and external camps and championships
  5. Offer social and psychological support for the clubs members and supporting them to successfully integrate to society
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